The Environment

Maxrac has for many years been one of the leading manfacturers of pallet racking in China, particularly with regard to environmentally friendly production processes We are conscious of our responsibility and we strive to adopt sustainable practices in development, production and the disposal of our products. We believe that taking a sustainable approach has a positive impact on our performance and improves profitability by achieving a lower cost base,better stakeholder relations and greater innovation. 

We ensure our workforce are aware of the affects of their actions on the environment and require each employee to act in an environmentally responsible manner.  They are asked to contribute to the sustainability of the Company by using energy, water and raw materials more efficiently, thus optimising our use of natural resources.

Our core products are predominantly made from steel, one of the world’s most recycled raw materials, however during manufacturing processes some waste is inevitably generated. As such we ensure that waste material is returned for reprocessing and all by products are recycled, where possible.

Maxrac’s Environmental Policy is constantly evolving as we look for new and innovative ways to work more efficiently and in harmony with the environment.

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