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08 2017-05
A famous company in Qatar is a large modern comprehensive business that combines fast-moving consumer goods, office equipment, home appliances and warehouse equipment. The warehouse is used for tea beverage and area with nearly 70000 square meter. Because of the frequent inbound and outbound, need for upgrading the traditional warehouse and improving the efficiency urgently.
30 2017-03
JiangSu Gear Works founded in 1988 , currently covers a land area of 53870 square meters with 32000 square meters of floor space, are one of the largest manufacturers specializing in automotive transmission and powertrain.
30 2016-10
This job have successfully finished in Queensland, it's a standard pallet racking system job for outdoor use, the design was comply with AS4084-2012 standard, as well as wind load standard AS/NZS 1170.
11 2016-10
Transfar possess automatic production control line of international advanced level. The whole process of metering, making bag, filling material, sealing, printing, high stacking are automated. As well as adopts DSC control systemand programmed production operation, improve the technical level greatly.
15 2016-06
Speedlog has finished install mobile shuttle system for shengnongke,which apply to cold storage at 25vdegree below zero, all the data is in conformity with the international standard and through one-time inspection