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SHENNONGKE Radio Shuttle System(Cold Chain)
15 2016-06

Client Name     SHENNONGKE

Project Name   : Radio Shuttle System(Cold Chain)

Project No.       : SPL150722

Address            :ShangHai

                       Time                   : 2016

Client Profile:

The parent company is XianChiDa

Project overview:

Speedlog has finished install mobile shuttle system for shengnongke,which apply to cold storage at 25vdegree below zero, all the data is in conformity with the international standard and through one-time inspection. This project adopts Pre-galvanised guide rail , saving spraying process directly, we saving energy and environmental protection without sacrificing the mechanical properties .Not only that, but also put itself in customers’s position give fully consideration to every detail such as anti-collision column, guide plate, safety net, etc.This project meet the needs of customers, and gain he customers trust. 

Following are some of the project photos:

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