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Optimize warehouse utilization for Baturu
10 2017-08

Client Name      : Baturu

Project Name    : Mezzanine Racking System

Time                   : 2017.07

Client Profile:

Baturu is a internet company that focused on auto aftermarket, it committed to make the auto aftermarket service easier and bring up three core as main purpose, enormous database of accessories, high efficient information system and perfect supply chain service system.

Project overview:

Baturu has a wide variety of auto spare parts and access pretty active but inconvenient, faced this issue, it required to design a warehouse which could arrive more efficienctly than before.

After insight into the needs of the company and know the types of auto accessories, we only take 30 days from cofirm the project to complete the installation. Builded a four-tier mezzanine floor system, the first floor for storing long parts, and the second, third and fourth floor for small accessories. To make full use of available space and improve utilization of storage capacity.

Moreover,all of auto parts first in first out(FIFO) is attainable, non-extrusion with each other, convenient to access and easy to count.


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