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23 2016-03
The logistics distribution center includes 4000 square meters warehouse and 6000 square meters cross-dock center with standard adopt pallet racking, connecting rods and protection fee
29 2016-01
Deesha are committed to the product design, development, production, sales as one of large cultural land creative Industry for children's clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, etc. and has already developed management scale of girls whole industrial chain. It has the first-class product design and R&D teams, as well as powerful sales network, marketing system and logistics distribution system. Deesha always care for girl’s growth ,let every girl become princess and Chinese “Barbie”!
23 2015-11
Founded in 1985 and belongs to the larger enterprise combining warehousing, transportation, distribution as a whole. The headquarter is located in Jiangsu also set up distribution center in Shanghai, Guangzhou ,Tianjin, Hong Kong and etc. JUMWAY has provided high-quality, efficient logistics service for Shimano, Shell, CMCC and other well-known enterprises through huge operation network, scientific resource allocation, advanced management technology.
20 2015-10
KJT established in September,2013 is the first cross-border trade electronic trading platform and as one of the first 25 located enterprises in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone
08 2015-09
The first multinational company was entering the robotics in China. In 2008 become the world's first manufacturer break through 200000 robots and emerged as a leader in the industrial robot. The company by Forbes, Reuters named as one of the most innovative companies in the top 100 global In 2011-2013 and <>global 500