Spring Festival and business plan for 2017

In January 19th,2017,Speedlog business plan and Spring Festival for 2017 will be held in Shanghai Pudong Laifu Novotel,the annual meeting of the "new leap, win the future with wisdom " as the theme, to deliver the enterprise culture of "honest, open, learning”

At 1:00 p.m., Speedlog 2017-2019 Medium-term planning and 2017 business planning convened on the third floor conference room. With warm applause, the general manager Mr. Sun Changhan make a speech about work summary of 2016 and long term plan and perspective of further work in 2017-2019 . Manger Sun felt that 2017 will be adjusted year ,opportunity is often covered in difficulties. The Speedlog established the "product leader, efficiency drive, efficiency drive, global management". And responsibility agreement of KPI performance appraisa was taken up by senior leaders. Let's coordinate our efforts to create a better tomorrow for Speedlog , as like the annual meeting theme of "new leap, win the future with wisdom"!

Annual conference and awards ceremony in a cheerful sound of gongs and drums kicked off. The show content are various,like dance, songs, games, interactive, lucky draw and so on , cheers, applause, laughter put the activities to the climax, fully showing the Speedlog family happy and harmonious atmosphere. Whether outstanding employees, or general staff, everybody has his own existence value.

The glory of 2016 has passed, challenges and opportunities of 2017 have come quietly. In the past year, Speedlog there were harvest and deficiencies, the annual meeting also highly passed the positive energy. 2017 Spring Festival and annual business plan has came to a successful end, let us look forward to a better Speedlog!