Carton Live Storage Rack

    Maxrac Carton Live Storage can be incorporated into both Pallet Racking and Longspan shelving systems to maximize picking effciency.
    A series of gravity tracks transport suitably packaged products from replenishment aisles to picking faces.
    Carton Live Storage provides stock rotation on a strictly FIFO (first in first out) principle and ensures continuous replenishment to the picking face.

    Typical static storage


    Carton Live storage system



    Typical solution of carton live storage



    Maxrac Carton Live Storage is a unique storage and order picking system, designed to increase order-picking efficiency whilst saving floor-space. 

    Carton Live Storage uses gravity to maximize the efficiency of full–and split-carton order picking operations. 

    Carton Live Storage is efficient, fully adjustable, labour saving and versatile.

    After years of experience and optimization, Maxrac Carton Live Storage’s  comprises of a flowing frame, with rollers and guides which are specially designed to be able to adjust simply and easily.

    To assemble and disassemble without any nuts and bolts, you can adjust with the special connectors to change the flowing frame. You can also adjust the space of the rollers and guides to make it suitable for a variety of goods.

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