Rivet Shelving

    Rivet Shelving

    Rivet Shelving is a high quality, light-load-capacity shelving system suitable for low cost situations. The boltless design ensures fast assembly. An angle post upright is used in each corner of the shelving bay, allowing beams to be fitted in the left-to-right and front-to-back directions. This enables the shelving to be built as single bay units, for ease of relocation at a later date if necessary. 

    A Variety of beams to accommodate a wide range of load capacity you need--Single Rivet Beam, Double Rivets Beam, Double Rivets Channel Beam.

    Boltless Rivet Shelving consists of simple components that lock rigidly together to form exceptionally strong shelving units. 

    Angle Post

     Standard angle post and heavy-duty angle post are available.

     Rivet shelving angle post has a standard specification and Maxrac can  manufacture according to individual customers’ height requests.   


    Nominal Bay Size 


    Bay Depth = Nominal Side Beam Length = D

    Bay Width = Nominal Front / Back = W


    Rivet Shelving Beam


    All size can be completely manufactured as customers’ request.


    L Type Rivet Beam  ( 16Ga / 14Ga )


    Z Type Rivet Beam  ( 16Ga / 14Ga )

    Provide bigger load capacity in longer length and also protect decking edges.


    C  Type Rivet Beam  ( 16Ga / 14Ga )

    Designed to provide maximum system stability and higher the loading capacity.  The front side has holes for fastening C Type Shelf Support.


    Shelf Support for C Type Beam  ( 16Ga / 14Ga 〕



    1. Chipboard Shelves

     Chipboard is available pre-cut  to fit longspan shelving. This is the most cost effective shelving for the system.

     2. Melamine Faced Shelves

     Provide a wide clean surface where high levels of cleanliness are required such as in pharmaceutical or electronic industries.

     3. Steel Shelves

     Maxrac provide both Pre-Galvanised and Powder Coated steel shelves.


    4. Wiremesh Shelves

     Wiremesh Shelves are available on all Shelving Systems. Maxrac offers variety of sizes, capacities, and customized configurations to accommodate any applications.




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