Slotfix Boltfree Shelving

    Strength in Design

    Maxrac Slotfix is a shelving system that was designed to be ahead of its time – and it still is today. It is the best solution for a simple  bay of shelving or for a complex two tiers or high rised order picking installation.


    Strength in Quality

    Maxrac is recognised worldwide for its quality and high manufacturing standards. Slotfix is designed and manufactured to ISO.9001 standards  and is fully compliant with SEMA ( Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association ) standards.

    The highly versatile Slotfix shelving range is suitable for virtually every  kind of item, from small components to heavy cartons. Shelf dividers,  garment hanging  rails and lockable steel doors are amongst  the  range of specially designed fittings, which enable you to tailor Slotfix shelving to your precise requirements. The Slotfix modular design allows the maximum useful storage volume to be achieved and  the bolt-free lock-in construction system means that no time is lost in assembly.  These features combine to ensure that you’ll never grow out of your Slotfix.

    It’s easy to adjust or extend to keep pace with your changing storage requirements.


    Maxrac Slotfix is the versatile modular shelving system that will give you what you need.

    Simple to design, low cost and easy assemble–no tools are required.


    Nominal Bay Size



    The Maxrac Slotfix uprights are made of high quality steel on a roll-forming line.

    On the rear flanges a row of holes are punched with 19.05mm (1/4R) increment.

    On the rear face of upright keyhole shaped perforations are punched with 38.1mm (1/2R) increment.



    ST Shelves

    Maxrac  The ST shelves can be completely mutual buckled with each other, Not only reduce delivery cost, in the meanwhile it can avoid damage during long distance shipping transportation. one shelf can be Generally used on Slotfix shelving, Tri-shelving and slotted angle shelving.





    Pair of beams are used to give stability to shelving and support shelves. They are made of CR steel formed section with end connectors.

    Beam Connector

    A part of beam, connects beam to upright.


    Safety lock

    Made of hardened and tempered spring steel. Prevents dislodging of beam end connector.


    Riveted flat battens connect two uprights of open frames.


    BasePlate& Top Endcover

    Distributes load from the upright onto the floor.




    Cladding Sheets

    Frame or back clads improve the stability of the racking and form closed partitions. (simple blank or perforated sheets)


    Shelf Dividers

    Divide the shelf storage area into sections; adjustable.


    Shelf clips

    Besides pair of beams the shelves can be supported by adjustable clips in 38.1mm increment.


    Book Supports

    Fitted at the frame edge of shelves to avoid falling down of things stored on shelves.


    Back Stops

    In double entry rackings ensure the equal depth of both rows.


    Garment Beams

    Steel tube with end connectors. Used to support garments via coat hangers.

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