Pallet Drawer Units

    To Avoid overstrain and back damages,the use of Pallet Drawer Units is recommended by health and safety authoritise.Better working conditions,especially when picking from pallets in a rack,mean less risk of damages.At the same time it easier to get a full overview of the contents of the pallet.

    Maxrac Pallet Drawer Units can be easily installed on the beams of practically any pallet racking systems.The standard type is designed for EUR-pallets 800*1200 mm with a max,load of 800kg.Other dimensions are optional.The pallet can be placed on the drawer by any forklift truck.

    The drawer unit is easily drawn out by 2/3 of the pallet depth and gives free access to the pallet from 3 sides.No more bending under beams to beach the goods at the deepest end of the pallet.


    Accessibility from 3 sides;

    Ergonomically correct picking;

    Easy installation on any pallet racking;

    Combined handle and automatic lock;

    Easy handing by use of roller bearings;

    Can be supplied with a gavanized steel sheet to allow storage of boxes and crates.

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