Platform Trolleys

    Platform Trolley

    Platform trolley is a kind of industrial trolley used to carry various materials from one place to another. They are designed with 2 fixed and 2 movable castors. 

    With top quality steel structure, our platform trolley is characterized by high strength.

    Characteristics of Platform Trolley

    1. The castors of our platform trolley are equipped with built-in bearing. While rolling on the floor, these castors will not make any noise. So our platform trolley is quite suitable for use in the environment that requires silence.

    2. Our platform trolley is designed with honeycomb reinforced underside which helps enhance its strength and durability.

    3. Its foam plastic platform will not rust, chip or dent. The platform surface is slip resistant, so the load on it will not shift.

    4. We can provide different handles for you.

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