Louvered Panels & Plastic Bins

    Largest rang of Louvered panels in China,whatever your storage area is ,Maxrac have a panel to fit!

    Maxrac Louvered panels offer a cost effective,flexible method of bins storage providing easy product selection,parts identification and location.

    Plastic Bins are the basic pallet container for all kinds of spare parts, other material storage, classification management and operation on-site management. According to different needs of working conditions. Various warehousing equipment such as locker, workbench, case rack can be used with workstation, and the purpose of material management orderly, convenient to access, neat working conditions are achieved. It is good help driving 5s management.

    1.The material for co-polypropylene, polyethylene synthesis, light weight, long life.

    2.It can be used alone or matched with light shelves and locker, convenient assembly, save the space effectively, reduces costs.

          3.Acid, alkali. oil resistance and insoluble in all solvents

    4.Surface water absorption is below 0.01%, well moisture-proof.

    5.Effective working temperature:-3070



    1.Plastic Bins-Stack Style standard equipmentPlastic holders, dust cap, four color card, etc.

    2. Product size error of plus or minus 2%,weight error of plus or minus 2%,side defamation rate is no greater than 1.5%,box bottom deformation is no greater than 1 mm, diagonal no greater than 1.5% are within limit of those permitted by enterprise standard.

    3.Environment temperature: -3070(Avoid strong sunlight and away from heat)

          4.The material for co-polypropylene, polyethylene synthesis, it had the advantages of ethylene and propylene.

          5. All plastic bins could be processed into anti-static according to customer requirements.

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