Wire Container

    Maxrac Wire  Container are tremendously durable and are available in many different sizes and shapes.Great for transporting heavy goods in vast quantities securely and safely,a truck roll cage makes the task easier to moving goods around large areas.


    • 1.Rational warehousing management:the standard feature is stocktaking.To meet the immediate requirement,the materials can be easily unload in a small quantity by layer preventing from the trouble of unloading in a large sapce.

    2.Saving storge Space:the containers can be stacked up to four levels.Save storage sapce and enhance the effectiveness of space utilization when not in use,it can be folded in manner that saves 20% of storage space.

    3.Consecutive usage:The container can be easily operated hydraulic pallet car or elevator,to transport materials covering all phase of the manufacturing cycles material will not be damaged during transportation.It saves cost and labour charges.

    4.Easy to operate:Due to the unique consruction,it can be operated safely and easily by anyone.

    5.Durable:It is made with durability and space saving in mind and is highly recommended for use in manufacturing indutries.

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