Maxrac wire shelving sytem offers simple to build and stylish storage  solutions.The system is ideal for home and office as well as retail display due to the open wire construction offering excellet light distribution onto the products displayed.

    The shelving is also suited in kitchens for storing dry food and crockery etc,whilst the excellent ventilation through the system makes it perfect for server racks and computer worktaions as well as laundry and linen stores.

    The chrome finish offers bright,clean and modern feel to the shelving,but should only be used in dry areas and should not come into contact with moisture.

    When the shelves used in humidy areas,we suggest to do special surface treatment,ie zinc pleated puls powder coating.


    1.For all those wine enthusiasts who have lots of wine with limited space to store it.This robust,aesthetically pleasing chrome unit is the ultimate way to organise your wine collection.Great for home or business use, as well as in restaurants and hotels.

    2.Funky looking and practical storage kit.Maxrac's superior quality chrome shelving combined with fancy storage boxes.Can be used both domestically and for business.

    3.Why not utilise our fantastic chrome shelving with a garment pole to store clother and coats,whilst using the shelves to store other other items.

    4.These work great domestically or in cloakrooms.

    5.A design classic chromr sheving that works in many arars of the home or office.Extremely versatile and flexible,this system offers a wide combination of options to creat your ideal unit.

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