Very Heavy-duty Cantilever

    Maxrac Very Heavy-duty Cantilever racks with its versatility offer maximum support, strength and capacity for storing lumber and other long, flat items with ease. It is found in daily use in all sectors of industry.


    Robust design, high stability. The uprights and feet are made from hot rolled IPE profile and are bolted together to form a rigid cantilever frame. Large footplates ensure even distribution of the load to the floor.


    Upright construction from bolted post and foot profiles can also be retrofitted to either a single face or double faced systems by changing the foot profile.

    ·Uprights are bolted together with horizontal braces to form racking rows and reinforced with vertical cross bracing in every fourth racking bays.

    ·Arms are adjustable every 100mm.

    ·Bolted cantilever arms.

    ·Simple assembly with few components.

    ·Applications range from manual to automatic operation, stationary or mobile racks. 

    ·Racks can be installed indoors or outdoors as required. 

    ·Load capacity up to 14000 kg per upright side based on evenly spaced cantilever arms .

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