Heavy-Duty Cantilever

    Maxrac Heavy-duty Cantilever Racking is particularly suitable for storing long loads, offering the possibility of locating the levels (arms) on one or both sides of the fully independent structure. 

    Cantilever Racking can range in sizes, gauges and accessories are available to meet all your requirements.

    Cantilever arm elevations are easily adjustable to accommodate any bundle size. Maxrac unique Rotate Arms can prevent goods and arms from being damaged by accidental operation.


    ·Excellent low-cost storage system!

    ·Store long products with ease. Unobstructed arms afford easy accessibility with no uprights on the aisle to restrict storage.

    ·Arms adjust easily on 100mm centers.

    ·Special Rotate Arm" device prevent arms from being dislodged during loading and unloading.

    ·Easy assembly, no special tools required.

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