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Excellent quality ensures 10 years warranty

Maxrac’s high standards in the design and manufacturing of the systems enables Maxrac to support its products with a 10 years Warranty, the longest manufacturer’s warranty in the industry.


Our promise is for life

Over 15 years of experience goes into every product Maxrac makes, when we guarantee the structural integrity  of our products for 10 years, it really means something. We’ve been the leading manufacturer of storage systems and we’re here to say:

You’re in good company

DHL, H&M has our pallet racking, UPS,Foever 21 has our Mezzanine system in their facility and so does Walmart,Fanuc. They are just a few more of the many customers who trust Maxrac products to make their businesses work better. Call us today to explore what Maxrac can do for you.

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