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We pay very much attention to our export packages. use professional package wrapping machine in a service to meet the long distance shipping time.

For example, we have the plastic clips to protect the beams from abrasion during the transportation; We have got the whole uprights wrapped with transparent plastic film.

 You will find more details which show about our consideration.

 We have two kinds of normal package ways (also privide special packing):


1Manual load, which can save container space and load more items in. this one is the most economical and common way.


 2. Big package (forklift load)


In orde to save customer‘s container unloading labour cost, we just find a way to do big packs which can use forklift to unload the container easily, container utilization might be not as good as manual load, roughly 10% to 15% reduce, but be able to greatly save labour cost.



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